Our Mission

We strive to make sustainability beautiful, playful, and simple – to make an earth-friendly lifestyle accessible for all. It is never too late for someone to make their footprint lighter on the planet. We start that process with a beautiful product and designs that people enjoy.

We believe in transparency. We choose to share the values and priorities that we hold as a business and as individuals so that we can be held accountable.

Our Values

We have always been a family business, and our family is the heart of our company. It’s natural that we care deeply about our customers, our employees, our business partners, and all their families: we aim to create a product that adds something special to every home where Three Bluebirds Swedish Dishcloths are used.


Home is filled with joy, even when it’s a bit of a mess. We want to bring a smile to the simplest of tasks – including cleaning up that mess! With the whimsical designs of our high-powered dishcloth, we’re here to bring some cheer to your chores. Ours is a product that can withstand repeated use, month after month, which we think is something to grin about! And honestly, who wouldn’t smile when they see our funky cows design, even when wiping up a spill or cleaning the sink? Explore our cheerful designs!


Supporting small businesses is one of our key values. Since establishing our business, we have sold our dishcloths at local markets for years. This has given us special insight into the vibrant community of talented craftspeople and family businesses we strive to support.

In our manufacturing, it’s all in the details – our local printing enables us to prevent waste, as we can donate flawed products (imperfect prints, but perfectly useful!) to our wholesale store owners.

In an effort to support local merchant communities, we sell our Swedish Dishcloths to brick and mortar stores and specific value-aligned online retailers – we have a policy to refrain from selling to big box stores or major commercial retailers such as Amazon. Join our mission by supporting local shops – view our Store Locator to find a brick and mortar stockist near you.

Check out our Events page for upcoming Three Bluebirds market pop-ups!


We believe in social and environmental responsibility and in having a positive business impact. If family is the heart of our company, sustainability is our soul.

At Three Bluebirds, our priority is to protect and restore the environment through our business. As 1% For The Planet partners, we make a commitment to donate 1% of profits to environmental causes. As such, Three Bluebirds is a dedicated Business for Water member. When you are rinsing your dishcloth at the kitchen sink, you can be proud to know that your Three Bluebirds purchase has restored 20 gallons of water to waterways. We are happy to empower customers to use their dollar for the good of the planet!

Check out our collection of cheerful Swedish Dishcloth designs!